How Do You Install an Electric Hot Water System?

It’s never until something goes wrong with the hot water heater that you realise all the ways you use hot water in the home. From washing dishes to warming up your hands in the sink to having a blissful hot shower at the end of the day, having hot water is absolutely essential in the home. 

So, when something goes wrong and you need to install an electric hot water system, it can be very stressful. This is especially because you often have a time restraint of only a few days before the inability to use hot water becomes simply too much. 

When it comes to installing an electric hot water system, we encourage you to engage a professional. Electric water heaters are quite fancy and require knowledge in not just plumbing, but also electrical work and, in some cases, gas work. And, having this system improperly installed can be unsafe, cause water leaks that damage your home, or result in chronically high electric bills. 

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals! But for a bit of clarity on exactly what you can expect to happen, and what options you have going forward, here’s what you need to know about installing an electric hot water system. 

What Options Do I Have for a Water Heater?

Lots of different kinds of water heater are available, with a few being generally more efficient and more commonly used. These are:

  • Solar powered water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Continuous flow (Instant Hot water Unit)
  • Gas or electric water heating

For the most part, people use electric water heaters for the simple fact that they are often already in the home when you move in. This means our technicians often deal with any and all issues relating to an electric hot water system installation.

Common issues with electrical water systems all come down to one thing, which is the unit you choose to install. Some water heaters can lack insulation, which means they aren’t able to retain heat very well and it costs lots of money to reheat the water to maintain a hot enough temperature. 

Another common issue is that the hot water runs out. When this happens, you have to wait for the hot water cylinder to refill and reheat. Normally, this is just a problem in large households or over the holidays and can usually be avoided by timing showers or when you operate appliances to avoid running out. 

Our technicians have a lot of experience in electric hot water system installation, and we are great at knowing which of the options will be best suited for you and your home. All water heaters we install come with a few guarantees:

  • Safe – in line with safety standards and codes
  • Reliable – reliably and efficiently installed to minimise the risk of issues
  • Satisfactory – specific to the needs of you and your family

What To Do When a Water Heater Fails?

Once you have your water heater, all should be well and sorted. However, if you’ve just moved into a house with a decades old water heater, or you start noticing some water in the hot water cupboard, it might be time to get someone out to take a look at the water heater or run you through some options for electric hot water services

Common signs of failure in a water heater include:

  • Slow water flow or low pressure in the taps
  • Cold water
  • Leaks from under or around the water heater

Often, the overall causes of these issues can be repaired and your hot water can be restored! Our technicians know all the latest tips and tricks to get your hot water back up and running, including using advanced techniques and equipment for swift diagnosis and repair. 

Here are some of the benefits to working with Zebra Plumbing for your electric hot water services:

  • High-quality parts – Any replacement parts we offer will be of the top quality, so you can be sure that the water heater won’t break in the same place again. 
  • Future proofing – If we notice any upcoming issues, we can also offer a variety of services and let you know of any up and coming innovations in the field we think you would benefit from. 
  • Accreditations and certifications – All of our plumbers are accredited and have several certifications, so you can rest easy knowing they will be able to deal with whatever water system you’ve got. 
  • Fast, reliable service – We pride ourselves on our quick response time and our ability to deal with any emergencies with a smile! 

To get your hot water system checked out, or to chat with one of our qualified technicians, you can make an online booking or get in touch via 1300 033 468 today! 

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