All You Need To Know About Instant Gas Hot Water Systems in Australia

There are typically two choices for those considering what type of hot water system to have, whether it’s installing a new one or renovating an existing one. There’s your standard water boiler that is quite time-consuming regarding heating up the water, and then there’s an instant gas hot water system. 

Having instant gas hot water is a great convenience. It allows you to immediately access hot water when you need it. No worrying about using hot water sparingly or, worse, waiting for the water itself to heat up. While you may think to yourself that this is beyond a luxury of an item to have, several options out there are more than cost-effective, while at the same time are well worth the effort and investment than simply waiting for water to warm up. 

How Instant Gas Hot Water System Works

An instant gas hot water system is sometimes known as a continuous flow hot water system as well, so keep that in mind. This system works by instantly providing hot water as soon as the handle is turned and water is flowing. Then, the water is pushed through a coiled pipe and heated up by a gas burner during its journey. 

This is also known as a heat exchanger and is the primary way that the water ends up so hot so quickly in an instant gas hot water system. Since the water becomes hot right away, there’s never a need for a bulky storage tank. That means you can practically fit this anywhere, and they are in a flatter design compared to conventional water heating systems. 

The Main Benefits of an Instant Gas Hot Water 

Numerous benefits come with having an instant gas hot water system, making it a superior option over other hot water systems.  

Get Hot Water instantly

The first is enough of a reason to switch over immediately, and that is getting fast and consistent hot water delivery. Instant gas-heated hot water comes out initially and stays that way as long as the water heater is on. That means there won’t be any need for worry or concern if the hot water runs out for the next person.

Better Looking Design

As mentioned earlier, typically, these types of instant gas hot water heaters have a more streamlined design due to not having any kind of storage capacity or need for storage capacity. That means they can be placed in many locations easily and also easily hung up on many types of surfaces, as the weight of these types of water heater systems is minimal compared to their storage tank counterparts. 

Uses Less Energy

These instant gas hot water system setups are energy efficient when used properly. That’s because it only uses electricity when it’s on and doesn’t need to be turned on to preheat the water. 

There’s also no standby heat loss, meaning if you try to heat up the water the night before for the next morning, you won’t have to reheat the water partially as you would with a storage tank system. This a la carte system will thus help reduce energy consumption and overall help lower energy bills as well. However, remember that it needs to be turned off when not in use. 

Easy To Use

An instant gas hot water system can be a much more cost-effective solution because it can come at a lower installation price and be a newer type of system, which means less maintenance. There are specific requirements with gas hot water system installations and maintenance to ensure they work safely. This can, of course, vary based on the kind of model that you may acquire, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead of time. This will offer you peace of mind and will mean there won’t be unpleasant surprises down the line.

Gas Hot Water System Comparison

When taking a look at all of your options for a hot water system, there are typically three types, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The first system, of course, is a typical water boiler system with a storage capacity. These are lower in price and also simple to integrate with your home. These systems last quite a long time and can come with warranties of up to ten years. 

There are also more modern versions that allow for hot water to be stored with minimal utility costs. The big disadvantage is the waiting time to get all the water hot and the fact that it can deplete quite quickly. 

Then we have our instant gas hot water systems that are generally cheaper to run compared to storage systems. It’s an ad hoc water system, meaning you only need to run electricity when you need hot water. 

There’s also no heat loss as there’s nothing to store. Yet even so, you want to consider the downside as well. If there’s a power outage, there’s no hot water available compared with other systems. So since you’re using electricity to heat up the water, you may end up having larger utility bills, especially when running the system during peak hours. Also, don’t forget that there’s a higher upfront cost. 

There are also heat pump systems that are a bit more sustainable but also require an extensive amount of design to work properly. While a proper installation will have the best sustainability and cost savings with utilities in the long run, it will have the highest upfront cost as well as the most complex design and installation. This only adds to those costs even more. 

If you find yourself with low to medium amounts of hot water usage, then an instant gas hot water system is your best bet. It will also be the most efficient in the long run. You’ll only use the hot water you need without having to pay those shadow costs to get that water to the right temperature. 

Gas Hot Water System Sizing

Let’s say you’ve made the commitment to go with an instant gas hot water system. Just like any type of hot water system, you want to know what kind of capacity you’re looking for. You will pinpoint this from the number of people that will be using it on a consistent basis. 

Finding the right balance, especially with an instant gas-hot water system, will help you get the most efficiency out of it. Too small, and the capacity to produce hot water consistently diminishes. Get too large of a system, and you will end up wasting energy as well as spending more money on a larger system as well.  

Supply of Instant Gas Hot Water Systems Supplied with Installation

Double-circuit gas boiler in a new house for winter heating and water heating.

Regardless, you want to have professionals such as ourselves come in and be your supplier and installer. We are here to help answer any and every question you have, from how the instant gas-hot water system works, to what installation looks like to knowing exactly what model will work best for your home. 

We want to always ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and will recommend only the instant hot water systems that make the most sense to you. So don’t pass up the chance to get yourself hot water instantly; be more energy efficient, and reach out to us today. 

What is the best Gas Hot Water System for your home?

Now that you know more about instant gas hot water systems, how they work, and the different types of gas water heating systems you can find the right fit for your home. When it comes to deciding on brands and models of gas hot water units you’ve probably asked yourself, “what is the best gas hot water system?” so we covered that too. You can read about it in the post.


Now that you are more familiar with the instant gas hot water system and what it’s best for you can decide if it suits your needs. Consider the amount of hot water you use and the different types of gas hot water units and their size to find the right system for your home. Calling a plumber in to check your house’s plumbing system is the best place to start. 

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