Does Toilet Block Cleaner Help Clean Your Toilet?

Find out whether toilet block cleaner works effectively at cleaning your toilet and keeping it fresh and free of any bad smell. We did some research to find out if it’s even worth buying toilet block cleaner or if it’s just a waste of money.

Good hygiene in your bathroom is an essential part of keeping it clean and especially with keeping your toilet clean, which is an important yet easy task. It doesn’t take much as long as you regularly do it.

This would mean that you regularly clean with a toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush, but there is an easier way, with 1 flush at a time- Toilet block cleaners. But do they all work and are they worth it? And which brand works the best?

All in all, yes it does work but as a supplementary cleaning product, for deep cleaning we would recommend taking some chemicals and scrubbing away.

Thankfully this can be held on for a lot longer because good toilet block cleaners do improve toilet hygiene by disinfecting and deodorising with every flush. It can save you time scrubbing and deep cleaning your toilet.

What is a toilet block cleaner?

Bref BLUE ACTIVE+ Toilet Bock Cleaner
Bref Blue Active+ Toilet Block Cleaner

A toilet block cleaner is a substance in the shape of a block or tablet that is used in flush toilets, which slowly dissolves in water.

The blocks usually come in a small holder that is attached over the rim of a toilet and hangs down into the bowl, so as the toilet gets flushed, the water passes through the holder coming into contact with the block.

These products either are attached to the rim of the toilet bowl, or it is put on the inside of the tank of the toilet. Both products do the same service in cleaning your toilet without getting your hands dirty, they provide an extra shine with a wonderful fragrance, any smell you desire.. But which is better?

How does a toilet block cleaner work?

These blocks dissolve over time, as the toilet is flushed, releasing active agents into the water and ensuring hygiene levels are maintained.

Which type of toilet block cleaner works better?

Toilet rim block cleaners are the preferred choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, They can be used with any type of toilet, even tankless toilets. Secondly, they are manufactured by many companies and are easy to find in stores or online. Thirdly, there’s no risk of causing damage to any parts of the flushing mechanism in the tank.

The only downside is reaching into your toilet bowl to place them. Some have a mechanism so you don’t have to touch the toilet bowl. However, if you’re wearing gloves and do this right after you’ve cleaned the toilet then it’s not bad at all.

A) Toilet Tank Block Cleaners

Bref Duo-Cubes Toilet Block Cleaner
Bref Duo-Cubes Toilet Tank Block Cleaner

A toilet tank block cleaner is a chemical substance in the shape of a block or tablet designed to dissolve in water and is dropped in the toilet tank.
In-tank toilet cleaners (also known as toilet water tablets, drop-in cleaners, etc.) are tablets or cartridges that add chemicals to toilet tank water to reduce toilet bowl stains.

They are commonly used to prevent toilet bowl stains from calcium, limescale, mold, etc. Most contain chlorine bleach as its main active ingredient, however some may use other main active ingredients.

These block cleaners work similarly to the rim block cleaners but instead of hanging on the rim they are placed in the tank away from the inlet and outlet parts of the toilet. In other words, place them on the edges of the tank. The difference between the two cleaners is that the toilet block cleaner needs some time to sit before your first flush as they need to dissolve.

Many plumbers and manufacturers of toilets discouraged in-tank toilet cleaning products due to major disadvantages. A major complication that may occur includes bleach breaking down rubber gaskets and corroding steel parts Another issue is the blue dye commonly in in-tank cleaning tablets may cover up iron deposits.

Toilet Tank Block Pros

  1. Also cleans toilet tank
  2. Covers large area of toilet bowl

Toilet Tank Block Cons

  1. Can damage flushing mechanism
  2. Doesn’t work with tankless toilets

How to use toilet tank block cleaner?

  1. Remove the top from the toilet tank.
  2. Take out the block from the pack. Do not remove the pleated wrapper as this will dissolve in the water.
  3. Drop the block into your tank at the opposite end to the water inlet (handle) and avoid skin contact.
  4. Allow 5 min for the block to settle before the first flush. Simply add a new block when the blue colour fades and the block has dissolved.

B) Toilet Rim Block Cleaners

A toilet rim block cleaner is a series of three to four grouped blocks that contain a cleaning liquid with a steam that hangs over the bowl. This product sits on the rim of the toilet bowl under the seat, and when it is time to flush the toilet, the water catches the blocks and rinses through them, resulting in the spread of the cleaning liquid in the product all around the bowl of your toilet.

Toilet Rim Block Pros

  1. Easy to apply
  2. No risk of damage to toilet

Toilet Rim Block Cons

  1. Covers limited surface area
  2. Requires reaching into toilet bowl to apply

How to use a toilet rim block cleaner?

  1. Remove the blocks from the packaging
  2. Hang on the rim under the seat.
  3. Works best where the water first flows out, do a test flush and place in that area, usually on the sides.

Which Brand of toilet cleaner blocks works the best?

Not all brands work well and some just aren’t worth it. We researched and compared the 6 most popular toilet cleaner blocks brands to see which works the best.

RecommendedBest Selling
Bref Blue Active+ Toilet Block CleanerDuck Liquid Toilet Block CleanerDuck Fresh Discs Toilet Block CleanerDomestos 3-in-1 Toilet Block Cleaner
Bref Blue Active+Duck LiquidDuck Fresh DiscsBref EscapesDomestos 3-in-1 OceanBref-Duo Cubes Original
4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars3.5 Stars4.5 Stars
3 x 50g16112 x 50g

Bref Blue Active+ Toilet Rim Block Cleaner

Bref Blue Active+ provides visible cleaning with blue water and +50% Shine, thanks to the cleaning polymers in the formula vs dried surface untreated with Blue Active Flower, after 10 or more flushes

It has 4 powerful functions: 1) Hygienic foam 2) Stain removal 3) Dirt protection 4) Extra freshness

Hygienically clean for a clean home. Enjoy the clean and fresh eucalyptus fragrance with every flush!


Price: $9.00

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Duck Liquid Toilet Block Cleaner

Duck Toilet Cleaner, Liquid Rim Block

With its unique action, Duck Liquid Rim blocks helps keep your toilet fresh and clean with every flush, leaving behind a nice scent. Like very nice. Like would-constantly-open-doors-if-it-were-human kind of nice. With foaming action and fresh fragrances it lasts up to 300 flushes.

Ingredients: contains citronellol; octabenzone; 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate; nopyl acetate.

Price: $3.20

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Duck Fresh Discs Toilet Block Cleaner

Duck Fresh Discs – Gel Rim Block

Cleans & freshens with every flush. Fresh Discs formula leaves a flush activated protective shield all around the bowl, that helps repel stains

Price: $8.45

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Bref Escapes with Air Freshener Effect

The rim block freshens & deodorises your toilet between deep cleans leaving a long lasting flower scent with every flush.

The innovative formula of Bref Power Active has 4 powerful functions which will help to keep your toilets Hygienically clean and fresh: 1 Hygienic foam 2 Stain removal 3 Dirt protection 4 Extra freshness With our Air Freshener Effect.

Your bathroom will be enhanced with long lasting flower scent You can trust Bref, your champion of cleanliness and freshness, the easy way Carton and basket are recyclable.

No.1 selling in Australia & New Zealand

Price: $2.70

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Domestos 3-in-1 Toilet Block Cleaner

Domestos 3 in 1 Ocean Toilet Rim Block

Loaded with 3 key benefits for a powerful clean Domestos 3 in 1 Ocean toilet rim blocks release a rich foam that helps to prevent limescale, remove dirt.

Leaving toilet bowls hygienically clean and shiny with a long-lasting fresh fragrance.

It full power that lasts for up to 300 flushes. Power 3 toilet blocks are a great combination for a germ-free, fresh-scented, sparkling clean toilet

Price: $2.99

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Bref Duo-Cubes Toilet Block Cleaner

Bref Duo Cubes Original – Tank Toilet Block

Put a Duo Cube with the water soluble foil directly into the toilet tank on the opposite side of the water flow.

Bref Duo Cubes bring you a 2in1 formula(1) freshness and 2) cleaning power) that you can trust to help keep your toilet clean and fresh Proof of action between flushes is the blue water remaining in your toilet between flushes.

The unique Bref Duo-Cubes design releases active cleaning ingredients with every flush to help maintain a clean and deodorised toilet The product is mess free and easy to use, place it directly in the water tank together with the water-soluble foil and enjoy the effect of blue water flushes

Price: $2.70

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Toilet blocks can make your toilet cleaner and fresher

In order to create a clean environment for your bathroom it is important to clean your toilet, but if you feel it’s too often and takes too much time, invest in toilet block cleaners for additional cleaning 1 flush at a time.

These block cleaners either sit on the rim of the toilet bowl or inside the tank. Toilet rim block cleaners are the most popular, and we would recommend using Bref Blue Active+, each block lasts up to 3 weeks with a notable reduction in toilet stains and odour.   

Other toilet items you might be interested in keeping around the house should include the best product for unblocking toilets.

In the event of a toilet plumbing emergency give us a call. We’re your local plumber in Hawthorn and surrounding neighbourhoods such as Richmond, Kew, and Camberwell just to name a few. We have a list of all the near by locations we service in Melbourne.

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